Nioglas manufactures thermostable polyester-glass fibre profiles, by the pultrusion process; it was founded in 1981 as a division of Industrias Nioco, S.L.  in Castellbisbal.

The company was constituted as such in 1988 becoming independent from Nioco. Its experience and technique allowed it to initiate the manufacturing of the most complex profiles with different features.

Nioglas began the construction of a new 1,000 square meter plant in Castellbisbal in 1991, in order to continue growing in the composite market, and extended the same to 1,700 square meters in 2000 with future possibilities of extending up to 2,500 square meters. It also increased its machinery and therefore its exporting activity to Europe and South America. Keeping on with its improvement policy, it obtained the ISO 9001 certification in 2002.

Nioglas is committed to its clients and looks after their needs.

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